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Grand Lodge Forms

Form Names MS Word PDF
Application for Membership
Report of Investingating Commitee
Request For Dispensation
Application for Reinstating
Supplementary Report to Annual Report with Instructions
Advance Registration for Regional Meeting NA NA
Change of Beneficary Form
Death Claim NA
Application for Demit
Demit Instructions
****Instructions for Demit NA NA
MOP Report
Application for Duplicate Charter
Grand Lodge Scholarship Application
Credentials Certificate
Visitation Report
Knight of Pythagoras Application
2011-2012 Annual Report
District Deputy Report to Grand Master NA
Lodge Membership Update Spreadsheet and Form (MS Excel) NA



Important Events

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of North Carolina is located at
101 East Main Street,
Durham North Carolina

Please mail correspondence to
PO Box 1507
Durham, North Carolina, 27702.

Office phone (919) 683-9636
Fax:(919) 683-9636